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Your music deserves pro quality

The most creative studio for mixing pop and hip-hop music

We go beyond just mixing music

These days, the competition in the music business is strong. That’s why, at IDeez Studio, we do everything to set your music apart from the rest, through a more creative, produced and professional way of mixing music than our competitors.

IDeez In Studio

Online mixing & mastering


Use our online mixing service if you’re looking to transform your multi-track project into a professionally mixed song. This online mixing process allows you to get your project ready for the mastering process (not included!)

Mix & Master

Our online mixing and mastering service allows you to transform your multi-track project into a professional mix. This is then mastered by a professional engineer and prepared for upload on any streaming platform


Our professional online mastering service allows you to prepare your mixed project for upload on any streaming platforms. We ensure that your mix is released at the correct levels and with the most comfortable dynamics.

Before And After Samples

Keep in mind that you’re listening to mp3 exports (320 kbps) meaning certain details in the audio may be degraded due to the file type.

Pop (unprocessed)

Pop (processed)

Old School Rap (unprocessed)

Old School Rap (processed)

Trap (unprocessed)

Trap (processed)

RnB / Pop (unprocessed)

RnB / Pop (processed)

Pop (unprocessed)

Pop (processed)

At IDeez Studio, you will enjoy all these benefits!

Studio Desk

We produce your music

At IDeez Studio, we don’t only mix music. We produce an entire musical universe for you.


We're real specialists

You’d like to mix hip-hop or pop music? You want your music to sound pro? I’d definitely choose IDeez Studio!

We're as fast as you wish

We know how fast the music industry works. Our mixing services are one of the fastest ones on the internet.

Music Passion

We're passionate

At IDeez Studio, we’re passionate about mixing pop and hip-hop music. You can often feel it in our work.


We're affordable

Money can’t be a brake on creativity. This is why our mixing services are very affordable.


Nice engineer in the place

With IDeez as your mixing engineer, music will remain a pleasure. Stress has no place here.

Presonus Faderport 8

Mixing and mastering pop and hip-hop music

You want your music to be heard around the world? You want to build a solid and loyal audience? You want credibility in the music business? You want to approach the biggest labels? Then you need to have a professional mix for each of your tracks.

If you are a pop or hip-hop artist and you want to release music that sounds professional, then IDeez Studio is for you. Because that’s what we do every day: mixing pop and hip-hop music. Our mixing services can also be combined with mastering services. This will allow you to release your tracks on streaming platforms, without going through a mastering engineer.

Tools, videos and courses to help you mix your music

Your music deserves pro quality! That’s our motto. And mixing music by itself is not easy and takes a lot of time and energy. But we have everything you need to learn how to mix like a pro, fast! Our blog posts are the main source of knowledge at IDeez Studio. It’s fast, and super accessible!

The IDeez YouTube channel is also a great source of knowledge. The video format is always more enjoyable, so it’s an open door to better quality mixing. We’re also working on very affordable courses and trainings that will allow you to learn more about music mixing in a structured way.

MIDI Keyboard in a recording studio

They trust us!

Bronze Nazareth (Wu-Tang)

Jonny Craig

Elzy James


Iceberg Rap


IDeez In Studio

IDeez, professional mixing engineer and producer

IDeez is a professional sound engineer since many years. He is also a music producer. With his youthful vision, professionalism and unique creativity, he will make each of your tracks stand out from the rest.

Having worked in the past with artists such as Jonny Craig or Bronze Nazareth (Wu-Tang), IDeez always brings with him this passion and open-mindedness that is highly appreciated by artists.

His dream is not to work with the big guys, but rather to bring artists to success through our mixing services. The next big artist is you!

  • Koli Roze, rapper

    " It is the best decision you will make towards your music. Worth every cent, professional demeanor, terrific communication, fast responding. Overall great person to work with. "
  • Elzy James, singer

    " One of the most creative and driven mixing engineers I’ve ever worked with. Won’t stop trying until you’re completely satisfied. Super knowledgeable and his production is very very underrated! Crazy affordable and worth every penny! "
  • Pain The MC, rapper

    " If you are looking for an experienced sound engineer, I’d highly recommend IDeez Studio. "
  • Nathan Bornstein, singer & guitarist

    " The end product that they created of my songs was FANTASTIC. If you want your tracks sounding on par with the top of the top, IDeez has you covered. "
Free E-Book

Improve your mixing skills now!

Having trouble mixing your vocals ? We know it can be extremely frustrating… Hours of work lost, nervousness, constant questioning,… You don’t need that! Download your FREE e-book now simply by adding your informations right below. You’ll receive your free e-book within a minute!

How to process

Payment Done

Choose the service you want to enjoy with us. Then proceed to payment and use the link in your confirmation email to send us your tracks. Don’t forget to remove any sort of effect, EQ or compression

Mixing Table

We mix your music carefully. Our professional knowledge in music mixing does the rest. After a maximum of 3 revisions, we master your project to make it releasable in the best conditions.

Growing Up

As soon as you are 100% satisfied of the result. We send you a final WAV-quality file. You’re now ready to increase your audience, your engagement and to grow your career!

Any questions ? Answers right here!

We offer worldwide professional mixing and mastering services, especially in hip-hop and pop music. We also offer secondary services such as voice tuning, radio editing or tempo editing. It allows our clients to enjoy the best services possible when they mix their projects at IDeez Studio.

At IDeez Studio, our great specialty is and will always be hip-hop mixing and pop mixing. We mainly mix vocals in hip-hop and pop music. When it comes to vocal mixing, it becomes really complicated to find better services than ours. For the simple reason that we do that everyday.

Our purpose is to take your songs from your studio to the biggest radio stations of the world.

If you’re singer or rapper, that you work in hip-hop or pop music and that you want to enjoy super-high quality mixing services for your songs at a very affordable price, then you’re at the right place: at IDeez Studio.

We mix pop and hip-hop music everyday and our knowledge in that field is not easy to compete!

We also have something that few online mixing services have: creativity.

Here, we don’t just mix songs, we create entire universes that translate, in music, the message you want to send to your audience.

We’re here to help first! If you need any advices about music mixing in pop and hip-hop or anything in that field, we’ll be extremely happy to help you! You can contact us right here.

On IDeez Studio, we also have more than 100 blog articles about music mixing that should help you in many fields and answer many of your questions.

You need a free resource to get the basics of vocal mixing? Then you can download our free e-book about the basics of vocal mixing in pop and hip-hop music.

We’re also currently working on new e-books and courses about music mixing that should help a lot in different specific fields!

It means that we’ll use our knowledge, our experience and our professional audio equipment to put your vocals in the same space and universe as the instrumental, and in harmony with it. To achieve that, we use the best tools of the audio market and advanced mixing techniques (EQ, compression, effects,…).

We always appreciate to receive the instrumental stems as well, for the simple reason that it helps us to create a solid universe around the vocals more easily.

Pop and hip-hop music! In terms of pure audio quality and creativity, IDeez Studio is the leading specialist in the field of hip-hop mixing and pop mixing. All of our services, our website and our studio are “designed” to work in hip-hop and pop music first.

It doesn’t mean that we’ll refuse your request if you work in another music genre. We work every day in genres that are not hip-hop and pop music!

But... Why Us ?

Why choosing IDeez Studio to mix my music?

IDeez Studio is the best mixing and mastering service you could find online to mix your vocals. And if you work in hip-hop or pop music, you’re at the right place! At IDeez Studio, we will make everything possible to make your vocals sound clean, bright, warm and in total harmony with the instrumental.

Vocal mixing is our great specialty. But it is far from the only service we offer to our clients. We offer everything you need to take your voice from your studio to the biggest radio stations of the world. Vocal tuning, radio editing, tempo editing or even rush services! Everything you need for your vocals sits right here at IDeez Studio!

And… does all this mean that we cannot take the instrumental mixing in charge ? Certainly not! If you have a multi-track instrumental, don’t miss the opportunity to mix them with your vocals as well. The result is always a hundred times better when our head engineer, Gauthier, has access to the stems.

Why working online with an engineer is so efficient?

In 2022, working online with a professional mixing and mastering engineer is probably the best way to build a song from start to finish. Nowadays, more and more artists have access to beautiful recording gear. This can sometimes make it more difficult to achieve a professional final result regarding the mixing and mastering process, which is pretty normal.

But is has to be said however: Gear is NOT what makes a good mixing engineer. Quality mixing and mastering fundamentally comes down to practice (years of it!) and passion.

You could choose to mix your music in a studio near you. But, honestly, you would lose time and money. Time because the sound engineer will work, 90% of the time you spend with him / her, by him-herself. Money because there’s a big chance that the studio you choose to record and mix your vocals is more expensive than us!

To sum it all up...

By choosing IDeez Studio as your go-to online mixing and mastering services, you choose to work with a passionate team, led by our head engineer, Gauthier. Driven by his experience in engineering and his passion for vocal mixing, Gauthier will ensure the emotion of your song is the best translated into the final mix and master.

Here at IDeez Studio, we’re convinced that a professional mixing and mastering service isn’t simply about cleaning some tracks to create the “perfect” result. In our opinion, the most vital element of the process is to create a solid music universe around the artist. This what we, as professional sound engineers, can provide you.

Your new go-to mixing guide to improve your skills

Before being an online mixing and mastering service specialized in pop and hip-hop music, IDeez Studio is also and more importantly a platform that helps to improve sound engineers’, musicians’ and producers’ mixing skills, especially with their vocals. For this reason, we publish almost every week a new article about mixing, mastering, recording or music production. Our articles will answer most of your questions in details. See you there!

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