Mixing Consulting

By IDeez Studio

Music Mixing Consultancy

Mixing Consulting

Having trouble getting pro quality through your mixes? Send us a mix of your choice and I will send you, within 5 days, a complete feedback on the general quality of your mix. 3 consulting sessions can be requested per project.

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Controller with faders

Mixing by yourself can be a very good thing for your career

Being able to properly mix your music projects is a great asset to build a loyal audience and gain more credibility within your community. And doing it yourself allows you to save a lot of money and gain experience in music production.

Your mixes don't sound good enough? Let me help you!

When you never get the result you want from your mixes, it leads to a lot of frustration and questioning. You clearly don’t need that to grow. In fact, what you probably don’t have is a professional ear, able to identify potential mixing problems and propose effective solutions.

IDeez Studio Controller

Sometimes a few tips are enough to open your eyes to music mixing.

At IDeez Studio, we decided to create this mixing consultancy service, because we’re convinced that it can be a fast and efficient way to improve your music mixing skills.

This may be the only missing piece of your puzzle, so don’t wait any longer and go for it!

Any questions ?

How can I send my mix?

It’s simple! You can send it through email at contact@ideezstudio.com or through our contact form. WeTransfer and Google Drive are preferred.

In which audio format should I send my mix?

If possible, in WAV format. You can also export your mix in AIFF or in the worst case scenario, in mp3 320 kbps.

Make sure your file is exported in stereo.

What is the usual turnaround time?

Our turnaround time is usually around 5 days. It might be quicker if our availability allows it.

In which format do I receive the revisions of my mix?

I send you the first revision though a video format in which I give you a detailed list of all the strengths and weaknesses of your mix. Everything is also summarized in a PDF that will include my feedback point by point.

Revision 2 and 3 will only be available through a PDF format, in the form of a structured list.

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