The 9 Best Reverb Plugins For Vocals In 2024 (Any Budget)

The 9 Best Reverb Plugins For Vocals In 2024 (Any Budget)

Reverb is an important tool in music mixing. But what are the best reverb plugins for vocals in 2024? Being able to answer this question is essential to get the best mix results. I tell you everything you need to know about all these reverbs in this article.

Top 9 Reverb Plugins

reverb in music mixing

Reverb is an omnipresent element in music and more precisely in music mixing. Without reverb, the music would lack life and it would lose that touch of timelessness that makes the beauty of music.

Without reverb, the music would be drier and more aggressive. The songs we listen to would also be much less immersive. In short, the listeners that we are would not last very long!

But let’s get back to the purely technical aspect of mixing music. Why, technically, the use of reverb is always essential (except in very rare cases)? Here are the main reasons why it is important:

A. Depth


Mixing music is about creating depth. It’s about being able to place certain elements in the foreground, middle ground and background in a way that is harmonious and “natural” to the listener.

A good musical mix will always give the listener a feeling of third dimension and therefore of immersion. A good mix is like a good photo: it captivates by its depth.

But, besides the use of volume, how do you create depth in a mix in a natural and subtle way? You’ll understand: by using reverb. Indeed, by using several types of reverb in one and the same piece, depth will be created almost naturally.

πŸ’‘ We will not go further into the principle of depth in this article. But keep in mind that being able to push elements to the background is crucial to get quality mixes. I’ll tell you more here: How To Push Something Further In Your Mixes

B. Space


In order for a mix to breathe and feel spacious to the listeners, each element of the song must have its own space to express itself.

With this in mind, EQ is clearly the ultimate weapon to use. But the power of a reverb to create space for each source should not be overlooked.

Two sources could run into each other in terms of frequency but play in total harmony thanks to a good use of reverb. Always keep in mind that a listener listening to a song always unconsciously needs to feel spaces.

C. Musical universe


Using multiple reverbs to create space and depth is a good thing. But you should never forget that a song must have a united and harmonious universe to catch the ears of the listeners.

And to create this unified universe, a good use of the reverb will be a key factor. This is where the complexity of music mixing lies: creating depth with several reverbs while keeping the general universe of the song intact.

Pro Mix Engineer

The importance of reverb choice

The further you get into music mixing, the more you realize the diversity of reverbs available on the audio market. It’s breathtakingly rich. But with diversity also comes more difficulty in choosing the right reverb for the vocals you are working on.

πŸ’‘ Do you want to know how to choose the right reverb every time you work on vocals? Then I can recommend you this article about How To Choose The Right Reverb For Vocals

So it’s important, if not essential, to know the main criteria that differentiate each reverb. Here they are:

1. Decay Time

The main parameter that differentiates each reverb is the decay time. This parameter, also called reverb time, represents the time that the reverb takes, from its very first reflections, to decrease to silent level.

You’ll see today that some types of reverbs are super short, others pretty long. And it’s definitely the main parameter that differentiate each type of reverb.

In general, shorter reverbs, such as room reverbs, enhance the depth of a source. They also give a certain energy and punch that is difficult to find in longer reverbs.

Whereas longer reverbs, such as plate and hall reverbs, produce a very airy feel and accentuate a more mellow feel to the mix.

2. Tone & Color

The second one is the tone and color of each type of reverb. Some types of reverbs are very bright, clear and powerful in the high-end range and that others focus more on the warmth side, they are a little more muffled.

This makes a huge difference in the choice of reverb. Because depending on the mix intentions, sometimes you will need very bright reverbs that will emphasize the airy and shiny side. But in other situations you might need something softer and warmer, which would stay in the background of the mix.

The choice of reverb actually goes further than just its frequency spectrum. For in every choice of reverb, there is also a choice of character, color and tone that is inherent to each reverb.

3. Density

When dealing with reverbs, you have to keep in mind that the reflective density of each plugin and reverb type is different. This is also an element that can make a big difference.

In fact, the density is related to the way the waves would be reflected in a certain room. In real life, some rooms will produce stronger reflections but less density. Or on the contrary more dense and less powerful.

Density, therefore, gives a lot of information about the “room” or atmosphere imitated by the reverb. But it will also have a great influence on the place the reverb will take in the mix. Denser reverbs such as halls will take up much more space than a plate reverb, which is much less dense than average.

Selection criteria

Before reading the rest of this article, it is important to know the selection criteria that go into this list. This way, you will be able to make a structured opinion, but also to see if each reverb plugin fits your needs… or not!

  • Sonic performance: With reverbs, talking about “audio quality” doesn’t really make sense. Since each plugin has its own unique touch. And a reverb could work very well with one source, and very badly with another. We should actually talk about “sonic performance”. Because that’s the word that best describes good reverbs objectively.
  • Versatility: There is no “typical” reverb for vocals. That’s why, when mixing vocals, it’s important to have versatile reverb plugins on hand. And even if an excess of parameters, presets and sounds in the same plugin can sometimes take away from the main goal, this is often a big strength for a reverb plugin.
  • Interface: The more time passes, the more I am convinced that the interface of a plugin does a lot for the productivity and efficiency of its user. That’s why it’s a criterion that will also be taken into account.
  • Usability: Is the reverb plugin intuitive? Is it easy to use? Or, on the contrary, do you have to break your head to get the desired result? We will also discuss this point for each plugin.
  • CPU usage: There’s nothing worse than a plugin that makes your whole computer crash as soon as you open it. Or that slows down your workflow because of its CPU usage. This can be a big negative for some plugins.
  • Compatibility: Before buying a plugin, it is essential to first check if it is compatible with your DAW and your operating system. I will give you all the necessary information about this.

top 9 Reverb Plugins For Vocals In 2023

The 9 best reverb plugins for vocals in 2023 are:

  1. Valhalla VintageVerb
  2. FabFilter Pro-R2
  3. Waves H-Reverb
  4. Soundtoys Little Plate
  5. AudioEase Altiverb
  6. UAD Pure Plate
  7. IZotope NeoVerb
  8. LiquidSonics Seventh Heaven
  9. Native Instruments Raum

πŸ’‘ Want to use reverb like a real pro on your vocals? Then this article is definitely for you: How To Use Reverb On Vocals – The Pro Guide

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1. Valhalla VintageVerb

Valhalla VintageVerb

VintageVerb is compatible with MacOS (above 10.9) and Windows (above 7) and comes in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats. And if you want a very good point for this plugin: Valhalla is often up to date about the compatibility of its plugins with new OS.

For several years now, plugins from the manufacturer Valhalla have been gaining more and more importance in the field of music production. So much so that, in recent years, many of their plugins have reached the rank of… new standard (as they like to say).

And VintageVerb clearly represents this figurehead. This plugin is impressive in the way it allows you to shape the sound of the reverb to your liking. You have everything at your disposal to work with precision, and quality!

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What is also quite amazing about this reverb plugin is the number of different reverb types you can generate from the plugin. The fact that you can switch from one era to another to change the tone and color is also a great idea.

Despite the amount of parameters, VintageVerb is an extremely intuitive reverb plugin thanks to the way the interface is organized.

Through its atypical interface and parameters, VintageVerb will offer you a unique sound capable of transcribing the sounds of each era and each type of reverb with impressive precision.

VintageVerb is also able to give a lot of life to vocals. It’s a reverb that sounds indeed very organic and lively.

Concert Hall – 1970s – Decay 4.00s

PALACE -1987 Synth Hall

βœ… PROS βœ…

βœ… Amazing versatility

βœ… Creates lively and organic spaces

βœ… Recreates the tone of different eras

βœ… Intuitive interface an paramaters

βœ… Low CPU usage

❌ CONS ❌

❌ No reliable documentation

❌ No tool for ducking or parallel compression

2. FabFilter Pro-R2

FabFilter Pro-R2

Pro-R2 is compatible with MacOS (10.13 or higher) and Windows (7 or higher) and comes in VST, VST3, Audio Units, AAX Native and AudioSuite formats. Compatibility with new OS is often updated at FabFilter.

Pro-R2 is an intuitive and user-friendly reverb that is able to replicate all kind of spaces types of spaces: from small room to huge cathedrals, everything’s in there! This reverb has 9 adjustable parameters and a post-reverb EQ.

The FabFilter plugin, updated in 2023, is designed to be instinctive and very easy to use. That’s why the interface has “non-technical” parameters and controls. FabFilter’s choice was to name their controls in a very simplistic way, using a popular vocabulary (brightness, distance, characters,…).

Thanks to the space knob, you can go from the smallest room to the biggest cathedral in one click. Or simply choose an in-between, with the hall reverb. But you can also use the FabFilter presets included in the plugin. Since upgrading to Pro-R2, the number of quality presets available to the user is impressive, so there’s something for everyone!

The audio rendering of Pro-R is very natural, airy and spacious. And by playing with each parameter, you can get the desired result very quickly. You can also use the 6-band post-reverb EQ to shape the tone and color of the reverb.

Behind the simplicity of this plugin lies a high quality and super complete tool, which will give a unique life and depth to your vocals. Despite its high price ($169 at the moment), this reverb plugin can clearly be a valuable purchase for the quality of your mixes.

Space 3.00s

Space 3.00s (brighter – chorused ++ – Distance ++)

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βœ… PROS βœ…

βœ… Very natural-sounding reverb

βœ… Intuitive and very user-friendly

βœ… 6 band post-reverb EQ for shaping color and tone

βœ… Replicates amazingly 3 different types of spaces

βœ… Stereo-width control

❌ CONS ❌

❌ High CPU usage

3. Waves H-Reverb

Waves H-Reverb

H-Reverb (V14) is compatible with MacOS (10.15.7 and higher) and Windows (10 and higher) and comes in AU, AAX, VST and VST 3. You should always be aware of the updates with Waves plugins, as they are not always up to date. Both with older OS or DAW versions and with newer ones.

The H-Reverb is a reverb plugin that uses a new technology called Finite Impulse Response (FIR). This technology allows you to shape and customize the tone of your reverb with impressive precision.

This Waves reverb will allow you to enjoy a rich, deep and airy sound that will easily fit into your mix. In vocal mixes, the H-Reverb will be able to create atmospheric, soaring and warm spaces that are completely different from all its competitors.

A very cool feature of H-Reverb is the incorporation of analog modeling. Especially with its input drive knob, which will allow you to give a vintage tone, more robust and with more character than normal.

The numerous parameters of the H-Reverb (in advanced mode) allow the user to play with the echo density, the dynamics (ducking, parallel compression,…), the temporal rendering (modulation) and with the frequency spectrum. What else?

This H-Reverb has everything to please. Honestly.

Hall 4.00s

βœ… PROS βœ…

βœ… Super rich, deep and warm reverb

βœ… Lots of controls and parameters

βœ… Incorporates advanced features such as dynamic control or modulation

βœ… Input drive to enjoy the classic warm & vintage analog tone

βœ… Low CPU usage

❌ CONS ❌

❌ Complicated and non-intuitive interface

4. Soundtoys Little Plate

Soundtoys Little Plate

Little Plate is compatible with MacOS (X or above) and Windows (7 or above) and comes in AAX (Native & AudioSuite), AU, VST2 and VST3 formats. Soundtoys plugins are generally up to date with the newest OS updates.

Little Plate is a plate reverb whose purpose is to replicate the tone of the legendary EMT-140 reverb. The EMT-140 is one of the very first plate reverbs in history (if not the first) and made some of the biggest hits of the 60’s sound.

The Little Plate’s replica of the EMT-140 is not perfect, but… my god, what a unique sound! Behind its simplistic and basic plug-in appearance lies a tool that provides a remarkably smooth and warm reverb, which works especially well with vocals.

With Little Plate, Soundtoys pushes creativity to the limit, allowing users to choose decay times ranging from 0.5s to infinity. And the crazy thing about this reverb plugin is that even with high decay times (several seconds), the reverb is still easily incorporated into the mix, without taking up too much space.

To get rid of the rumble that is sometimes the flaw of plate reverbs, the plugin has a high-pass filter that will allow you to filter the low frequencies with precision.

You can also get a livelier sound by activating the modulation switch. This also gives more movement and brings out a very immersive side to the reverb.

Decay 3.00s

Decay 11.00s + MOD in

βœ… PROS βœ…

βœ… Super smooth, warm and vintage sound

βœ… Uncommon decay times

βœ… Extremely easy to use

βœ… Modulator for more life within the mix

❌ CONS ❌

❌ Not affordable (99$)

❌ May lack advanced settings (dynamics, frequency, tone,…)

5. AudioEase Altiverb

AudioEase Altiverb

Altiverb is compatible with MacOS (X or higher) and Windows (7 or higer) and comes in AAX Native, RTAS, VST, AU and MAS formats. Be careful before you buy, as Altiverb is something slow for getting up to date with newest OS.

Altiverb is a very complete reverb that replicates hardwares or real reverbs (concert halls, everyday places, famous places). It differs from (almost) all the plugins in this list for two reasons:

The first one is that it is the only convolution reverb in this list. All the others are algorithm reverbs. This earns the Altiverb points for the very organic feel it is able to provide.

And secondly, because it is the most varied reverb plugin on this list. You literally have access to everything with Altiverb. That makes it the most versatile and diversified reverb plugin on the market.

In music, it is often used for its emulation of legendary digital reverbs such as the AMS RMX 16, the Lexicon 480L or the EMT 240, which made some of the biggest hits of the 80’s and beyond.

The problem with such powerful plugins is that they consume a lot of CPU, and can be expensive… very expensive.

Pro Mix Engineer

βœ… PROS βœ…

βœ… Super diversified reverb

βœ… Powerful and accurate emulation thanks to the convolution technology

βœ… Captures amazingly the tone and color of legendary digital reverbs

βœ… Very visual interface

❌ CONS ❌

❌ Very high CPU usage

❌ Expensive tool

6. UAD Pure Plate

UAD Pure Plate

πŸ’‘ Need more information about UAD Spark? Everything you need is here: UAD Spark : In-Depth Analysis And Review

Pure Plate is one of the best reverb plugins on the market today. And probably in the top 3 plate reverb emulations. Through its atypical interface, you’ll quickly get the warm and deep sound so so popular in plate reverbs.

By adding Pure Plate to your vocals, you will enjoy a deep, organic and natural texture in your mix. You can then sculpt this reverb with the two bass and treble knobs.

With Pure Plate, you also have the ability to adjust the predelay time to play with the depth of the vocals and the punch of the reverb.

If you choose to buy it individually (as a DSP) you will be able to use the Pure Plate directly in the Apollo interface to enjoy a comfortable and latency free monitoring during your vocal recordings. This is what I do when I record vocals, and the result in the headphones is simply amazing.

πŸ’‘ Struggle to make the difference between native and DSP plugins? Then you can read this article: What Is The Difference Between Native And DSP Plugins ?

Decay 3.50s

Decay Max + Longer Predelay

βœ… PROS βœ…

βœ… Organic and natural texture that fits perfectly with vocals

βœ… Super easy to use

βœ… Comes with a predelay fader for adjusting the depth of the vocals

βœ… Can be used in monitoring under its DSP format

❌ CONS ❌

❌ Nothing bad to say about this plugin!

7. IZotope NeoVerb

iZotope Neoverb

NeoVerb is compatible with MacOS (High Sierra and higher) and Windows (10 and higher) and comes in AAX, AU, VST3, VST2 formats. Normally, you should not worry about compatibility with the latest OS updates. iZotope is often quickly up to date.

Of all the reverbs on this list, NeoVerb is the most special in the way it works. It is indeed the only reverb that allows you to associate… 3 types of reverb, in the same plugin. This builds unique textures within your mix and puts the vocals in an uncommon space.

And this mix of different reverbs is facilitated by the way the interface is designed by iZotope. Thanks to what they call the Blend Pad, you can travel with your mouse between the 3 reverbs.

Besides being practical, this Blend Pad system also gives you a visual angle of your reverb. And by using the presets provided with NeoVerb, you can create and shape with precision the reverb you imagine.

NeoVerb is also distinguished by a unique and surprising feature: the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in the plugin. Don’t worry, the plugin won’t take over your ideas, it’s just an assistant that will give you ideas.

With NeoVerb, you can also take advantage of advanced parameters such as frequency auto-cuts, a modulation window, a smooth knob to get rid of unnecessary transients sent to the reverb or an unmask option to reduce the frequencies that would mask the source itself. In short, almost futuristic tools faithful to iZotope!

Large Vocal Chamber + XL Hall

Choir Hall

βœ… PROS βœ…

βœ… Possibility to combine 3 different types of reverb

βœ… Intuitive and inspiring interface

βœ… Implementation of an assistant (AI)

βœ… Impressive versatility

❌ CONS ❌

❌ No real “NeoVerb signature” in the tone and color

8. LiquidSonics Seventh Heaven

LiquidSonics Seventh Heaven

Seventh Heaven is compatible with MacOS (X and above) and Windows (7 and above) and comes in VST 2.4, VST3, Audio Unit (AU) and AAX Native formats. It seems that LiquidSonics is quite often compatible with all DAWs and OS, even the newest ones.

Seventh Heaven is a convolution reverb plugin (the 2nd one in this list) that emulates the legendary Bricasti M7 digital reverb. This plugin is actually the “affordable” version of Seventh Heaven Professional, more complete, but also more expensive.

Through its instinctive, simplistic and easy to use interface, this reverb plugin allows you to travel through the main reverb types: hall, plate, room, chambers, ambience and spaces. And thanks to its many unique parameters, Seventh Heaven offers its users a great deal of flexibility in shaping the tone of the reverb.

In addition to emulating Bricasti sounds, Seventh Heaven is one of the only reverb plugins on the market to offer a precise balance between early, late, and low frequencies. And even though it may seem like a detail, it often completely changes the way the reverb sounds.

With this tool in your hands, you have the opportunity to enjoy the typical sound of a digital reverb with ease and instinctiveness and through a wonderful sound quality.

London Plate (Decay 4.20s)

West Church (Decay 5.40s)

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βœ… PROS βœ…

βœ… Replicates with precision and realism the tone of the Bricasti M7

βœ… Flexible, instinctive and easy to use

βœ… Sonic performance at its best

βœ… Super affordable for a quality tool like this one

❌ CONS ❌

❌ A combination option would have been nice

9. Native Instruments raum

Native Instruments Raum

Raum is compatible with MacOS (10.15 or above) and Windows (10, 64-bits and higher) and comes in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats.

Raum is an outsider in this list, because it is meant to be used in a different way than all the others: creatively! This reverb plugin has all the presets and parameters to bring out the creative aspect of a reverb.

It is divided into 3 modes that reflect 3 dimensions.

  • The first one (Airy mode) aims to recreate the realistic and smooth style of hall reverbs. This mode features a modulation knob that allows you to add life and movement to your mix.
  • The second (Grounded mode) recreates the room reverb style, ranging from ambience to wide chamber reverbs. Ideal to give power and punch to the processed source.
  • Finally, the last one (Cosmic mode) is simply designed for creativity and experimentation through presets that emphasize an atmospheric, spacious and ethereal feel. This mode is truly out of this world.

Raum is an extremely easy to use and intuitive reverb that can take you in hundreds of different directions. If you want to have a creative and diversified reverb in your plugin library. I really recommend Raum.

πŸ’‘ Need more information about Raum? Everything’s there: Raum | Native Instrument: Why You Should Get This Reverb Now

INIT – Raum (Decay 4.80s)

Valentine Backwards

βœ… PROS βœ…

βœ… Enhances creativity and diversity

βœ… Instinctive interface

βœ… Unique sonic performance

βœ… Super-low CPU usage

❌ CONS ❌

❌ Doesn’t have “classic” presets

❌Lack of precision in the parameters and controls

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This top 9 reverb plugins shows us how the diversity in tone, color, smoothness, space and even envelope of each plugin is huge. Each plugin has something unique to offer its users. It’s just a matter of choosing the right tool.

In music mixing, it is essential to be able to constantly adapt to each situation. That’s why there are so many different types of reverbs and plugins on the market.

Whatever plugin you decide to get, make sure you know your entire plugin library as well as you can. This is one of the most important requirements for making pro quality music: knowing your tools.

If you have any questions about reverb plugins or about anything in the field of music mixing, please contact me, I’m always very happy to help!

My favorite tools for mixing pop and hip-hop music:


In the field of auto-tune, I’m convinced that nothing’s better and more efficient than Antares Auto-Tune Pro. As for the EQ’s, FabFilter Pro-Q3 and Slate Digital Infinity EQ are, in my opinion, the best tools. For compression, I have 2 favorites plugins: Waves RComp and UAD EL8 Distressor.

As for reverb, I’m a big fan of the Soundtoys Little Plate, but generally, I go for the Valhalla VintageVerb for its versatility. I also love the Arturia Rev PLATE-140 and the UAD Pure Plate for its organic side.


The closed headphones I love and will always love using for mixing pop and hip-hop music are the Beyerdynamic DT-770. As for the best open-back headphones, I use the Sennheiser HD600 headphones, and I’m really happy of them!


Having a pair of Yamaha HS7 in its studio or home studio is always cool for more excitement while listening to your mixes. The Adam Audio T7V monitors are also super accurate. In my studio, I also have a pair of Genelec 8030 for their reliability.

Hardware gear

For anyone who wants to start using hardware in their mixes, I always recommend these 2 units from Klark Teknik: the EQP-KT and the 76-KT. Don’t forget to use good converters, such as the Apollo interfaces. This is essential for a good rendering.

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